When clothe the naked takes on new meaning

Flickr photo by Eugene Luchinin

I had been thinking a lot about clothing the naked, and how it impacts me as a human.

After Adam and Eve sinned and they were cast out of the Garden, we had to clothe ourselves, out of shame. We regard our bodies as shameful, for some reason.

Obviously we want to give clothes so people stay warm in the cold and cool in the heat. But people don’t deserve to wear old cast-offs full of holes and stains, as I mention here. Besides the examples I gave in a previous post, I wondered how I can do more, and is there a way to do more for this particular corporal act of mercy?

I have always wanted to volunteer at a pregnancy center. When I lived in Lewistown, I stumbled upon one that would help women carry their child to term by asking them to come in for video classes, where they can earn “points” or “bucks.” These would then be used in the retail store ran by the center, so the women can shop for necessities for the babies.

Well, lucky for me, we have a similar place where I live now, called Human Life Services. I love how the organization empowers women to take care of their children (or give them up for adoption) while working within their current life, whether that is a job, school or other issues.

This had me thinking: We are all born naked. We come into this world without anything covering our bodies that God created. And, because of our sin, we must clothe ourselves in this world.

So, why not help these women and families clothe their children, not just with physical clothes but with the clothes of salvation through Jesus Christ?

This is just another way you can help clothe the naked. Encourage and support women in your community who have no resources or help in the face of pregnancy. Every life is precious, but that includes the one of the mother. We can’t simply stop at “don’t abort.” We must support, as well.


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